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Descrição de Butterfly Garden Mystery

Welcome to one of the best
!🌟This enchanted garden full of flowers 🌼 and butterflies will offer you unforgettable adventures. Explore our garden scapes, match the butterflies, solve the brain quests and learn magic art with Aveline the Fairy and her best friend Momo the Puppy!
In this free match three game your goal is to collect as many butterflies as you can while solving one game quest after another. Solve the challenging tasks and group the butterflies 3 in a row. You will meet the wizarding inhabitants and their cute pets, collect enchanted garden mania treasures and, of course, overcome numerous obstacles in order to succeed.
While completing the levels of our fairy flower farm game, you will not be alone! The characters living in this world will accompany and help you. Let’s get acquainted with them closer:
– a beautiful young fairy who is starting to learn the art of magic and control her mysterious power. She travels around with her little cute dog Momo.
– a kind, old wizard currently holding the title of the Garden Keeper. He is a well-known wizard in the magic world and helps Aveline to master the magic art.
– a gardener that knows how to restore, fix the garden and return it to prosperity again.
During the garden scapes journey, you will meet a lot of charming mystery pets that will definitely become your best friends. Even the old Atticus does not know all the magical creatures that live in this area! You will also encounter a lot of challenging, yet exciting tasks.
So, let’s see, what you are going to experience in our
🔸 Complete lots of levels, magic quests with simple yet exciting gameplay;
🔸 Explore the picturesque magical garden, restore and decorate it with different items;
🔸 Earn powerful objects which will help you explore forest, get lots of rare butterflies and overcome numerous obstacles;
🔸 Complete the harder garden renovation levels by using magical objects, find secret locations and restore the beauty of nature;
🔸 Explore the mysterious locations of the mystery garden, match secret ingredients and get rewards – huge chests full of coins, gemstones, wizarding artifacts, and other garden treasures in this free repair game.
Do you consider this home mystery scapes game more of a 3 in a row game? Yeah, the kids will love it too, yet some of the levels are quite hard and require the wise use of boosters and bonuses! Will you be able to complete them? Let’s see the bonuses our mystical forest will offer you:
will clean one square;
will clean a large area and help you to collect a lot of butterflies;
will destroy obstacles and collect butterflies from an entire row and a column;
will collect all the butterflies of the same color.
Shhh…do you hear the flutter? That is the Mega Butterfly! Collect it to clear the entire the field instantly!
While exploring the secret corners of our free match 3 game, you will have lots of opportunities to discover more secrets and get additional treasures:
– spin the Wheel of Fortune and get a guaranteed reward! The more often you visit the game, the better the reward!
– help Aveline to collect ingredients for potions and fill the bottle to receive a reward.
This colorful garden decorating game does not require Internet connection. You can play it for free. Yet, you may want to buy some additional game items for the real money.
Please, rate our game and say some nice words to our Team! We will really appreciate it.
For the latest news and updates, about one of the best free house matching scapes games, please follow:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ButterflyGardenMystery
For issues or questions, feel free to contact our support team: butterflygardencare@gratsonia.com
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